Love | Buddha Bead Kit
Love | Buddha Bead Kit
Love | Buddha Bead Kit
Love | Buddha Bead Kit
Love | Buddha Bead Kit
Love | Buddha Bead Kit
Love | Buddha Bead Kit
Love | Buddha Bead Kit

Love | Buddha Bead Kit

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Do you struggle to clear your mind in meditation? Enter Buddha Beads, also known as Malas.

Here's the magic: hold the Buddha Beads during meditation, sliding your fingers over one bead at a time as you go through a breath cycle. Focus on the sensation of touching each bead with each breath. This will help clear the mind of all the chatter, something we know you've been wanting to do.

In this experience of touch, you will make a Rose Quartz Buddha Bead necklace of your own. Don't worry, the instructions are easy to follow!

Rose Quartz stones are known as "the love stone". Their energetic property resonates with the heart chakra and promotes compassion and new or reinvigorated romance. Wear them around your neck while meditating with a focused love mantra to attract and send the vibration of love. 

Kit Includes:

  • Experience Guide (Instructions)

  • 108 Rose Quartz Gemstone Beads

  • 1 Clear Quartz Guru Bead

  • 1 Rose Silk String

  • 1 Rose Cotton Thread (For Tassel)

  • 1 Bamboo Wood Tweezers (Optional, if you have eyebrow tweezers at home you can use those instead)

What You Need At Home:

  • Scissors

That's it! It's easy and you will feel ready to take on your meditation practice and your life with a relaxed new perspective. 

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