Girls Night | Candle Making
Girls Night | Candle Making
Girls Night | Candle Making
Girls Night | Candle Making
Girls Night | Candle Making
Girls Night | Candle Making
Girls Night | Candle Making

Girls Night | Candle Making

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Missing your girlfriends and nights spent out socializing?

Now is the perfect time to plan a girls' night to reconnect and give your Netflix a break! Did we mention V-DAY is coming up, so why not host a Galentine's Day Party?! 

The Girls Night | Candle Making is a 4-PACK of the Candle Making Kit (that's only $27.50 per kit with shipping already included)! All 4 kits will ship to one address, and then you decide if you want to bring the girls over or surprise them with a gift on their doorstep as an invitation to your virtual girls' night! You can split up the price and have the girls Venmo you for their kit, or if you're ballin' maybe you just want to gift them! What a gem you are either way for doing this for your girls.  

You can choose two of the five different scent options, there will be QTY 2 of each scent you choose in the order. 

Each of the 4 Kits Includes:

  • Experience Guidebook (AKA Instructions)

  • 400ML Borosilicate Glass Beaker 

  • 100% Natural Soy Wax

  • Chosen Essential Oil (Label on Bottom of Box Shows You Which is Which)

  • Wick & Wick Sticker

  • Stir Stick

  • 2 Clothespins 

What You Need At Home:

  • Stovetop (each person needs 1 burner 4 total)

  • 4 Medium-sized cooking pots (at least 6 inches tall)

  • Access to water

  • Access to freezer (not required, but allows your candle to set in only ~30 minutes)

  • Oven mitt or dishtowel

Pro Tip: We are committed to sustainability, so please save your candle container and clothespins, and you will have the option to purchase our refill kit once your candle runs out at a discounted price! Good for you, good for the environment.

Safety Warning: Not recommended for children under 18 without supervision.





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