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Discover The Why

I created Craft Lab Co.™ for the modern woman; the woman who does it all. When I think about how many incredible women I know who are over-stressed and underwhelmed by their daily lives it is astounding, it’s almost all of us!

We are modern women; the women who work all day and come home exhausted only to find our conscience shaming us that we “should still rally the energy to exercise and make dinner”. Perhaps we also have a few kids who need bath time, and a husband who needs love and affection. We rarely have downtime, and when we do it’s typically consumed by binge watching a TV show or scrolling social media. Our downtime consists of us playing the role of spectators viewing someone else living their seemingly perfect life. You modern warrior females are my muse, I admire you and respect you, and I want to offer you something better. 

What if instead of repeating the perpetual technology coma, we spent our downtime engaging in activities that revived our energy and filled us up instead of subconsciously tearing us down? 

Craft Lab Co.™ is an homage to those who need to carve out time for themselves, time to reconnect with oneself or with loved ones. To fully immerse into the present moment and find a feeling of relaxation and enjoyment. For me, it took years to figure out that engaging in creative activities that stimulated my senses worked. When I partake in a candle making experience for example, I am in the flow of following the steps, smelling the scent, and I let go the worry of past and future. My stress falls by the wayside as I create something that is uniquely mine. 

Craft Lab Co.™ offers a variety of creative wellness experiences (candle making kits are just the beginning) that stimulate the five human senses of see, touch, taste, smell, and hear. By engaging in sensory stimulation and creative experiences, I believe that you will further connect into the present moment and find a greater state of relaxation in doing so.

- Kendra Martin, Founder & CEO